Company Overview

CPEC (Connect Canada Project Product Expo Exchange Center) is one of the crucial components of the “Connect North America” project of SIRM (St. Lawrence International Resource Management), built upon shared values, abiding by mutually established rules and regulations, which stands and operates as a trading center, as well as a business supporting platform for global suppliers and buyers.


CPEC conforms to the principles of being impartial, open and fair; with information, resources, licenses and projects as the major elements of transactions to provide complete, correct and accurately traceable commodity transaction information utilizing globalize, specialize, standardize, commercialize and marketize approaches, to innovate trading methods and trading processes, innovate two-way and multi-directional equivalent trading business models for suppliers and buyers, innovate the use of advanced platform technology and innovate the presentation of platform operation concepts, resulting it to be more humanized, accessible and stable, as well as efficient and reliable.


CPEC utilizes a credit guaranteeing system and membership system, precise positioning and information source tracing; through direct transaction and insured transaction procedures, fully escorted service, 24-hour online multi-language consultation and automatic directional transaction services, global warehouse fourth-party logistics and online quality supervision offline services, artificial intelligent support system for suppliers and buyers, dynamic commodity screening and targeted push systems and other innovative technology applications provide CPEC members with a collection of comprehensive, superior quality and guaranteed premium services.


CPEC builds and regulates mutually with its suppliers and buyers, sharing resources, creating values and developing together.